Lead nurturing via marketing automation

Ideo can predict maintenance with Intelligent Asset Management. We also made the marketing of IAM predictable.

Ideo is a market leader in improving service and maintenance processes in SAP. The company came up with something new, Intelligent Asset Management: the next step in improving maintenance processes. To successfully market this new SAP suite, Ideo called in Capital Advertising. A challenge that called for a well thought-out marketing plan with new processes. But how do you improve the processes of a process specialist?

I am here

The Ideo IAM suite meets a need of which many of the potential customers are not yet aware. Important elements in the marketing strategy are therefore: recognition, competence and trust. Capital Advertising developed a powerful concept for this campaign: I am here - with a nod to the abbreviation of Intelligent Asset Management. Together with catchy captions and striking images, the important elements of the marketing strategy were clearly presented in all campaign communications.

The strategy

For this campaign, Ideo wanted to connect with both its existing "cold" database and new potential customers. Because the new IAM product involves a significant investment, the target group must go through a long customer journey before moving from prospect to Ideo customer. In doing so, we worked according to a proven process:

  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close
  • Delight

In the first two phases, we as an agency played a key role. We focused on lead generation and lead nurturing.

Potential clients were directed to the Ideo website through valuable information on social media and within search engines. To give lead generation additional power, we used LinkedIn and Google advertising, email marketing and inbound marketing.

In order to bind generated leads, enthuse them and make them sales qualified, it is important to feed them with information that is interesting and relevant to them: lead nurturing. But different target groups require multiple messages. Therefore, a team of copywriters and online marketers created a wide variety of blogs, landing pages and whitepapers aimed at the three sectors of infra, discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing.

Marketing automation

Because potential customers go through a long customer journey with several phases, we implemented the marketing automation tool HubSpot for Ideo. This tooling provides insight into the communications with which the potential customer has been in contact and makes a value estimate of the lead. Follow-ups are also automated: you offer the right content to the right target group at the right time. This ensures that leads are fed according to the customer journey and, moreover, that all activities are made manageable.

The results

On the basis of specific targeting, employees of interesting companies were converted to leads. Not only the large number, but also the quality of these leads was remarkable. Maintenance professionals, asset managers, process, service and business engineers and supply chain specialists showed their interest in Ideo and its product. We were right in the middle of the target group. And all that during a short campaign period of just three months. A powerful concept, appealing marketing tools and a fully implemented marketing automation tool: Ideo can count on more clients in the future. In short, a satisfied client and agency. To be continued!

Does our work for Ideo appeal to you?

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