Heroes for Invicta

The international watch brand Invicta launches various watch lines around the superheroes of Marvel, DC Comics and Disney: from Spiderman to Black Panther and from Batman to Captain America. Capital Advertising has brought these characters to life again in striking campaigns.

Invicta has several collaborations with Marvel, DC Comics and Disney and therefore various licenses to create products and content with the superheroes from these stables. A great challenge for the Capital Advertising creative team. How do you effectively link the characters to the watches and which content fits seamlessly with the Invicta brand?

The movie Black Panther (Ryan Coogler, 2018) is a global blockbuster. For the Invicta watch line we have provided various content based on the film. During the launch of the watches all sales records were broken. This was mainly due to the social media efforts of the brand. In addition, Capital Advertising provided various Facebook contests for interaction with the target audience and collecting data from the fans.

Around the launch of Disney's Star Wars Episode VIII, The Last Yedi (Ryan Johnson, 2017), our creative team also ensured that all watches were put on the road. Via Force Friday, the platform for all Star Wars merchandise, all Star Wars watches from Invicta were sold out within a few hours. Indeed, quite popular with the almost cult-like fans of this now legendary film series that sprang from the fantasy of George Lucas.

In the coming period, almost every new major release of Disney, DC and Marvel will bring out a new watch line at Invicta. For example, there are a few on the planning in the short term. Curious? Keep an eye on the social media channels of Invicta or Capital Advertising.

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