Concept development without a clear objective is like a building a house without blueprints. Capital Advertising puts together a team of specialists for each assignment. The challenge is to translate the formulated strategy or positioning into a powerful and distinctive idea. The following three disciplines are always involved in concept development: text, image and marketing.

Your success predominates
An account manager with marketing expertise will supervise and monitor your project. He briefs an experienced art director and copywriter. Together they go to work with the creative interpretation. Here also applies: clever slogans, beautiful pictures or funny films are not a self-contained target. In the choice of text and (moving) images, the success of your campaign predominates.

We can safely say that, especially in the field of campaigns, Capital Advertising is in full force. Not only for large global brands like Invicta, TechnoMarine and Glycine, but also for smaller local organizations such as Pulskens Sausage Rolls.

Ready to meet a team of specialists?

Our agency houses all the disciplines that are needed to develop a successful campaign for you. A dedicated team of designers, copywriters, (online) marketers and social media experts are ready to surprise you. Feel free to contact on 073 - 613 30 30 or complete the form below.

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