Corporate Identity

The heart of our agency is formed by a creative studio where designers get numerous challenging assignments. Of course, a worldwide campaign or successful social media campaign is more than just a good-looking picture and a catchy text. Nevertheless, the work stands or falls with the idea and a sophisticated design.

Your new corporate identity

That is why the Capital Advertising designers enjoy the development of a new corporate identity, like we did for companies as Van Lanschot Bankiers or Evi. A new corporate identity at Capital Advertising is not dismissed with a logo and a few colors. There is much more you need to make the perfect corporate identity. The most important elements of a corporate identity are:

  • Logo
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Shape
  • Illustrations & icons

We take this a step further. We also think about the tone of voice, the lifespan of your brand indentity and the consistency with which it can be implemented. We do this for online and offline communications and for international and local clients.

Online & offline

The new clothing brand MIKKY KI. started at Capital Advertising. We are actively involved with the brand since its launch in 2019. Together with Mikky we looked at the identity and positioning of the brand and made the complete brand identity. To show what MIKKY KI. stands for on different channels. From clothing designs to the online images for the webshop, newsletters, social media and advertising; everything has been worked out perfectly.

This way, Capital Advertising has also built the foundation for the entire marketing communication of the global brands Invicta and Glycine. Including the watch packaging, stands at Baselworld and the shop intention of the flagship stores in New York (Times Square and World Trade Center).

International & local

Not just international brands come to Capital Advertising, also projects of local companies get our full attention. We always try to create a unique appearance that suits the company or brand. Each corporate identity tells its own story.

Do you need a corporate identity to start your new company, is your current brand in need of renewal or do you need a new brand identity for a campaign? Capital Advertising helps you to stand out from your competitors and appeal to your target audience. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists.

Looking for a unique design?

Are you looking for a unique design that fits your company and optimally supports your message? Feel free to contact us for an appointment without any obligations. If you wish, we have freshly grounded coffee and a typical pastry from ‘s-Hertogenbosch ready for you.

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