Direct Marketing

In 1872, Montgomery Ward came up with the idea to send his customers a price list of the most necessary products for farmers. He did this due to the absence of shops in the neighborhood. It is the first documented Direct Marketing action in the world.

Direct marketing often is a neglected child between all the present types of marketing. Direct Marketing remains a solid tool to reach the target group. Provided that, the action is razor sharp and it really reaches the target group. And did you know that the use of direct marketing can lead to the highest response rate of all your campaigns?


Direct marketing is all about direct contact between a company and the target group. Over the years, many different types of direct marketing have been added, mainly because of the technological developments that are following each other up fast. Examples of direct marketing are:

  • Direct mail via post
  • Telemarketing
  • E-mail

However, all these different types of direct marketing have one characteristic in common; they appeal to the target group directly and encourage action. For a successful direct marketing campaign, it is therefore very important to know your target group and understand what moves them.


Due to the different types of advertisements a person is confronted with every day, a company will easily be overlooked. However, with the use of a direct marketing campaign that really hits the target group, you get the opportunity to stand out.

Another big advantage of using direct marketing is the measurability. Due to the link between the incitement to action and the response of the target group, a clear response percentage is insightful. This way you know exactly what the direct marketing campaign has achieved afterwards.


Standing out from your competitors

Of course we know the average response of direct marketing, but Capital Advertising is not working for the average. We know what moves the target group. And we also know how to move your target group. This is how we succeed in setting up effective direct marketing campaigns, for example by making them an integral part of your campaign. Would you like to stand out among your competitors and really appeal to your target group? Then contact the specialists at Capital Advertising.

Do you want to reach your target audience in a striking way?

For many customers, we have developed compelling DM campaigns. These campaigns not only made a major contribution to the company’s brand image, but also had a high response rate. Curious about what our Direct Marketing approach can mean for your company? Feel free to contact us!

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