The shift from purchases in physical stores to online stores is already in progress for years. It is therefore extremely important for your company to adapt and to improve your online visibility with a webshop.


Not only is there a shift from offline to online purchases, people's behavior is also changing. The purchase takes place online, but also the way to get there. Customers search online for information about various products, develop their own brand preference and ultimately make a well-considered choice for a purchase. We call this the (online) customer journey. For a webshop it is therefore extremely important to be visible in these different stages of the customer journey and to convey the right message.


Optimized webshops

Whether it is about the development of a new webshop or the optimization of an existing webshop; Capital Advertising is happy to work with you to achieve the best result. By combining your substantive knowledge and our online expertise, we create a webshop that meets all the needs of the customer, at every stage of the customer journey.

The use of various marketing automation techniques is also a possibility. Think of automatic welcoming emails to new customers, reminding a webshop visitor of his or her abandoned shopping cart or giving a personal discount code as a gift on someone's birthday. This allows us to address the different target groups on the webshop with different, personalized content at the right time.


Informing a visitor and enticing a purchase are of course extremely important for a webshop, but it all begins by attracting these visitors. The presence and performance within the search engines play a major role. Through an optimal combination of content and technology within a webshop, Capital Advertising ensures that all preconditions are met to score well within the search engines with SEO and SEA.


Do you want a new webshop or is the performance of your existing webshop disappointing? Feel free to contact the online experts of Capital Advertising. We are happy to help you achieve your goals by developing and optimizing your webshop.

Also score with a user-friendly webshop?

A webshop is an important link in the marketing chain to inform your customers. But also to tempt potential customers to take action. Do you need a new webshop? Or are you unsatisfied with your current webshop? Capital Advertising has been designing, building and maintaining webshops that score for years. Curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us.

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