Capital Advertising provides email marketing from address collection to execution and reporting. With an appealing design, catchy subject lines and powerful, compact content, your company e-mails will no longer be seen as spam, but these mails will get opened, read and clicked. And of course everything is mobile friendly.


E-mail is the most direct and personal way of online marketing. A standard example of this is sending a newsletter to your own database, but also automated emails can no longer be missed from your online marketing strategy. For example, sending automated welcome emails to new subscribers, reminding a webshop visitor of his or her abandoned shopping cart or giving a personal discount code as a gift on someone's birthday.

We have the knowledge, skills and tools to apply marketing automation for various types of customers. For webshops, but also for customers with (complex) B2B products. This allows you to reach your target group in a personalized and automated way at the right moments.


Incorporating email into your online marketing strategy has many advantages. We explain some of the main benefits of email marketing.

  • Low costs

When comparing e-mail marketing with other types of marketing, you can conclude that it is a cheap tool to use.

  • Measurable

E-mails are very measurable. With concrete insights into the numbers of opens, clicks, unsubscribes and conversions, you can easily and quickly draw substantiated conclusions about the effectiveness of your campaign.

  • Own database

You build your own database with customers and prospects, which you can also expend with data and interests of the target group.  

  • Personal

E-mail gives you the opportunity to personalize the message. Think of calling someone by his or her first name, but also putting dynamic products from your webshop into your mail, based upon the personal preference of the reader. This way the reader only receives content that is relevant to them.

  •  A/B testing

Email marketing makes it possible to experiment and optimize. This way you can have good and concrete A/B tests. This means that you send the same mailing in two versions to two groups of equal size within your database. You insert one difference between the two mails. By doing this you can easily and quickly discover what works best for your target group. Because even the smallest change can already have a major impact on your result.

Curious about how you can use email marketing, or want to take your email marketing to the level? Ask us about the possibilities.

Powerful and efficient; also want to reach your target audience?

Capital Advertising would like to look at the possibilities that e-mail offers, specifically for your website or webshop. Do not hesitate to contact us, we have some freshly grounded coffee ready for you.

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