Gamification is on the rise. More and more companies see the added value of gamification applications for their product or service. It is a good way to differentiate yourself as a company from your competitors, entertain your potential customers and achieve your marketing goals at the same time.

The discipline gamification uses game techniques to induce users to a certain behavior. After all, as soon as you have something to offer, such as a nice prize or recognition, you encourage participation in the game. Moreover, people get motivated to perform monotonous, easy or tedious tasks. For example, children love to make a mess, but prefer not to clean up. Until it is turned into a game: "Whoever clears his Duplo first gets an ice cream!".

Gamification fits into the online strategy in various ways. There are therefore several goals to be achieved by offering a game. Capital Advertising has applied gamification for various clients to achieve their goal in a unique way.

Stand out

Every brand wants to stand out. But how do you make sure your content does not disappear between all the content on Facebook and Instagram? During Halloween we developed a game for the clothing brand MIKKY KI., Halloween is a period where many companies anticipate on and because of this a lot of content was available online. By processing MIKKY KI. items into a spooky game, we successfully motivated more than 12.000 followers on Instagram to interact with the brand and products.

Increase engagement

Watch brand Invicta already had a large fan base. By involving their target group in a playful way, they get the feeling that they are really part of the brand. In the run-up to the new Marvel collection, we created an environment where fans could vote for their favorite character. On the one hand we gave fans a voice and the feeling that they had an influence on the new designs. On the other hand, they got rewarded by being the first to discover the collection. Gamification was cleverly used to increase the involvement of the fans with the brand.


Generate leads

Nobody likes to give their personal information such as an email address, gender or age to a company. When adding a game element, you lower this threshold and make people (unconsciously) willing to do so. For the marathon world record holder Eliud Kipchoge, part of the NN Running Team, we developed a voting contest where you could guess the time Eliud would run in the INEOS 1:59 Challenge. Participants had a chance to win a shirt signed by Eliud. More than 10,000 fans advised and thus > 10,000 leads were generated.


Gamification at Capital Advertising

Capital Advertising takes care of gamification for customers from concept and execution to promotion and lead generation. We have all disciplines in-house. A creative studio that provides a unique concept and a professional design and technical online marketeers who develop the application from scratch and then optimally promote it via online advertising and social media.

Also want to collect leads in a unique way?

At Capital Advertising we are driven to find eye-catching ways to get you more leads. Do you want this too and are you looking for a new agency? Feel free to contact us.

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