Marketing Automation

Better than a scattergun approach
E-mail, SMS and social media are in essence excellent platforms for direct marketing campaigns. But the marketer who randomly sends out thousands of mails is quickly branded as a spammer. Fortunately, there is also a smarter, more personal and better focused way of approaching. Marketing automation offers this solution. Reaching and touching the target group at the right time is what Capital Advertising does. Collecting user data is essential. Downloading a whitepaper, visiting a specific page, or clicking on a link are perfect examples of so-called 'triggers'. These triggers serve as a starting point for marketing automation. Thereafter, specific information can be sent with the aim of encouraging potential customers to purchase.

Powerful and efficient; Do you also want to reach you target group?

Capital Advertising would like to take a look at the opportunities that marketing automation entails for your company website. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will always have a freshly ground coffee ready for you.

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