Marketing Automation

E-mail, SMS and social media are essentially excellent platforms for direct marketing campaigns. But the marketeer who randomly sends out thousands of mails is quickly branded as a spammer. Luckily, there is also a smarter, more personal and specific way of approaching. Marketing automation offers this solution.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is about sending the right message to the right target group at the right time, causing a trigger and eventually lead them to a purchase. When leads leave their personal data, the process starts. They get triggered by relevant content and start bonding with your product, brand or organization.

B2B and B2C

A lot of B2B-companies are already making use of marketing automation. Marketing Automation requires a solid strategy and thoughtful implementation, but in the long run will provide relief when leads come in automatically and get triggered. Downloading a whitepaper, visiting a specific page, or clicking on a link are perfect examples of so-called 'triggers'. The lead gets registered and ends up in an appropriate flow.

Marketing automation is not only meaningful for optimizing the lead process of B2B-clients. But can also have a conversion-enhancing effect for B2C-clients. At the right time, the right message gets shown to the right target group, for instance your webshop. Based on the pop-ups, embedded content or automated emails the amount of online conversions increases significantly. 

Customer profiles

Using the right software, you can build customer profiles with marketing automation. Your online channels are linked and your website visitors, followers and customers can be analyzed in a nice overview. An individual and accurate customer profile helps you understand your target group.


The next step is to send these customer profiles personalized content. Extensive customer profiles give you the insights to build personalized user experience and drive targeted marketing campaigns. From a simple personalized email to fully automated customer journeys. Your email open rates will increase, your ROAS will improve and your marketing team will be more efficient. And eventually you end up with a significantly increased number of website or webshop conversions.

Reaching and triggering the target group at the right times. Collecting user data is essential for both B2B and B2C and cannot be missed in your online marketing strategy nowadays. Do not hesitate to contact Capital Advertising to discuss the possibilities of marketing automation for your company. 

Powerful and efficient; Do you also want to reach your target group?

Capital Advertising would like to take a look at the opportunities that marketing automation entails for your company website. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will always have a freshly ground coffee ready for you.

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