Social Media

Nowadays, social media is very dynamic. You have to keep an eye on it to stay up to date with all the new platforms and trends, that are constantly on the move. Without having a social department, it is almost impossible to do this. Therefore more and more clients turn to our social specialists to manage their social platforms. Whether it is about making organic posts or paid advertisements, we have all the expertise you need.  


Organic growth of a page always seems to be the biggest online challenge for companies. How are you visible on the timeline of prospects and what posts draw attention? A solid content strategy offers the solution for this. It is all about finding the right balance between what your company wants to ‘share’ and what your clients ‘like’. We know what works best, and will turn your message into appealing posts.


All social media sooner or later open their platforms for advertisers. Their repository of personal information suddenly became the most valuable data source in the world. Since then, companies have had access to an unprecedented specific segmentation. However, a lot of companies get lost in the world of algorithms and technical implementations. The specialists of Capital Advertising have all the knowledge and would like to help you out.

Looking for more interaction, reach and engagement?

The 'social team' of Capital Advertising handles the social media of many companies. Sometimes for local companies such as Pulskens Worstenbrood, but also for global brands such as Invicta, TechnoMarine and Glycine. For all accounts, we have not only increased the fan base, but also the interaction and engagement. That is not surprising, because social media is not a discipline that lies only with the social team. Other specialists within the agency, such as designers and copywriters, are also involved. Curious about what we can offer your company? Feel free to contact us for an appointment without any obligations. If you wish, we have freshly grounded coffee and a typical pastry from ‘s-Hertogenbosch ready for you.

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