Social Media

Nowadays, social media is perhaps the most discussed marketing topic. The endless possibilities of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and all other social platforms, has completely reshaped the world of marketing. Opinions, expectations and wishes are more visible than ever and are noticeably increasing in strength. This has an effect on many facets within marketing and communication. Also for your company, market and target group. Many companies are still sticking their heads in the sand in the hope the social media hype will blow over. But it won’t: you can stay away from social media, but it won’t stay away from you. It is therefore important to develop a solid communication strategy for your company.

Looking for more interaction, reach and engagement?

The 'social team' of Capital Advertising handles the social media of many companies. Sometimes for local companies such as Pulskens Sausage Rolls, but also for global brands such as Invicta, TechnoMarine and Glycine. For all accounts, we have not only increased the fan base, but also the interaction and engagement. That is not surprising, because social media is not a discipline that lies only with the social team. Other specialists within the agency, such as designers and copywriters, are also involved. Curious about what we can offer your company? Feel free to contact us for an appointment without any obligations. If you wish, we have freshly grounded coffee and a typical pastry from ‘s-Hertogenbosch ready for you.

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