Capital Advertising has been developing audio-visual presentations and interactive formats for more than 15 years. Such as commercials for TV and cinema, demos for trade fairs and congresses, instructional DVDs, games, websites with audio-visual elements, course programs and film screenings for the general public.

Audio-visual developments are fast. The distance between video and the web is getting smaller and smaller every day. Watching video content on YouTube, Vimeo and Netflix is even more common than watching television nowadays. Even classic websites are increasingly showing audio-visual elements.

We offer strategy, creation and all technical disciplines under one roof. Together with our way of thinking 'beyond the briefing', this has already attracted many customers to Den Bosch.

Curious how we can visualise your company?

Capital Advertising provided productions in the field of video and animation for many of its partners. We created video content for organizations such as Sony, JVC, Invicta, TechnoMarine, Glycine, Heijmans, Rabobank, Unidek, Piet Zoomers, Willem II and KNVB. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation acquaintance.

Den Bosch

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